Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So this weekend at the super fun birthday party of Miss Me's adorable 7 year old nephew, the parents got to talking about all the yummy candy that was around when we were kids! This conversation was inspired by a post done on T-W-H all about 80's candy.

It got me thinking about all the other fun and delicious things I miss about being a kid. And even though we are in the midst of a super crazy rainstorm... My mind turns to long, hot, summer days.

Days spent playing from sunrise to streetlights with your friends from the block. Sweaty and sticky, grass-stains, your hair crunchy from drying in the sun after a swim in the ocean.

Being chased by your big brother and his friends, pretending to hate boys but really loving every second of it.

Just a bunch of sun-kissed kids drinking every drop of summer and not realizing they are in the glory of their youth.

And everyday of every summer at just the perfect moment..... You would hear it from around the corner, kids yelling.... A light twinkling sound ringing out....


Every kid on the block would start running! Send the little ones back inside to get the money from mom! Older brothers and sisters will hold the spot in line! It's the ICE CREAM TRUCK!

What were you favorite treats from the big white truck?

Here are a few of ours.

LOVE LOVE LOVED us some froze toes! What? With the big blue bubble gum toe? Hell yes!

Of Course you could always go for the classic Bomb Pop! Lemon flavor in the middle, because it is the least yummy flavor.... But the start and finish flavors are the bomb. (hehe)

Ice Cream will never taste as good as it did sitting on your front stoop eating it with a wooden spoon. Never.

This was always my little sister's jam! Strawberry shortcake Good Humor bars!
Yummy, creamy and crumbly.

Remember push ups? I always thought these looked so good... But sherbet melts fast in the heat of summer! So these were for sure not the wise choice.

(This awesome little drawing is by: Eisey)

Between Miss Me's ninth and tenth summer (years not grades)
My family made the move from Massachusetts to California. Obviously this was a giant change for me, my brother and sister. I remember being totally bummed over small things. Like the fact that Californians called the confetti like ice cream topping that we called "Jimmies"...."Sprinkles". Huh?
And what the F*CK are "Drumsticks?" in MA we had Nutty Buddies!
You can still, after 20 years in Los Angeles catch the "kids" in my family saying "That's wicked".

So on this dreary, cold raining winters day, let your mind wander back to the warm and sticky days of your youth... When you could take off full blast running down your block after the Ice Cream truck and no one looked twice.

Try that now! Who wants to see a chic in heels running down the pastry cart? Well, really I would like to see that.

Stay Gold.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


rachel said...

Nutty Buddy!! Brings tears to my eyes!
I'm in MA and yes, they are wicked good indeed!

Miss Me said...

Hooray! Do you say Jimmies too?
Thanks for reading!
XOXO- Miss Me

Joel Semanko said...

HI Miss Me,

I love how you think, Great Movies in the 80's and Great Selection of Ice Cream!

Cool Trucks, now it'll be Cool Sidecar Motorcycles added to the Market soon in Southern CA.

Good Humor, Ben & Jerry's, Popsicles, Wells Blue Bunny.....

We love them all!

Daniel-G said...

Oh awesome blog about Ice Cream, it has always been my favourite food! I love it so much I even created the "Ice Cream Appreciation Group" haha. It's like my baby, we have like 3000 members :)

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