Thursday, July 22, 2010

Decor to Die for...Itching and Stitching!

Remember that song, If I had a hammer? Well, if we had some needles, thread and spare time we would embroider the world a pillow.... Oh wait, are we mixing If I had a hammer with, I'd like to buy the world a coke?

Oh well the point is... We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE needlepoint, embroidery, cross-stitch whatever you call it, we will take it.

Sublime Stitching makes it easy to get your feet wet... They have tons of adorable patterns you can follow... And you can get your needles, thread and even embroidery loops.

Imagine, you could start your pillowcase, dish towel or baby blanket today!

Sublime Stitching also has kits, that would make the perfect gift... For yourself or someone you love.

It could not be easier to get started.

Pick your favorite pattern, they have something for everyone!

Now if only we could find that spare time we were talking about...
We would be making everyone we love little cute doo-dads.

Of course, free time is super had to come by these days... So what about cruising your local flea-markets and thrifts for pre-made, pre-loved little yummies you can frame?

Mix your Granny Chic find in with your cute modern decor and boom, instant style.

Of course.... Their is always our boyfriend who brought back the needlepoint chic... Nope, not this dude...

Jonathan Adler!!!

We boldly covet every single one of his adorable pillows. They are like little jewels to be treasured and dreamed of...

Right now our dreams are made up of hundreds of these needlepoint astrological sign pillows.


Get stitching and stop bitching.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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Angie said...

Okay, Miss Me. We're going to have to get crafty with some needle and thread one evening! Let's get stitchin'!