Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Hearts: Jinx!!!

So when you think Jinx.. You may think of "a jinx" a curse placed on someone or something that make that person or object attract bad luck...


When we think "JINX!" we are thinking of when you are so on the same wave length as another person... You start saying the exact same thing at the exact same time.. You show up to have dinner with them, and you are wearing almost identical outfits!

And not in a creepy horror movie way, or in a we are so cute, we called each other to plan outfits first way....

Just in a "Oh my God, it is amazing how much we think the same" kind of way!

It can happen to cute couples...

It can happen to you and your best friend....

It can happen to rock stars... Although that is sort of embarrassing.

Somewhere a publicist at a fashion house was getting ripped a new one as these girls tried to laugh this one off.

When your friend emails you a link to the sofa you have been secretly longing for with a note saying... How can this be mine?

That's it it's the Jinx!

And when you find your Jinxy, you now you found a true friend and soulmate.

Just try not to get carried away with the "Matching" thing, it is so much better when it happens naturally.

We love having a friend who loves almost everything we do and brings us back down to reality when our fashion, decor or common senses go astray!

Isn't friendship wonderful?

(Seriously... Fast forward through Ricky's song for the good stuff)

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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lamb83 said...

Such an awesome post-loved the I Love Lucy clip!!