Friday, July 30, 2010

Fashion Friday: Pretty, pretty, pretty Peggy Sue....

Listen, do you want to hear a secret? Do you promise not to tell?

Well, maybe it isn't so much a secret as a reminder.... You know what is really super sexy cute?

A 1950's dress silhouette....

It gives off a sort of sexy innocence... That we are just in love with right now.

A dewey skinned good girl in a sweet little dress.... Then we would add in some bad-girl shoes to keep it real.

As the ever lovely D.K shows us... It is a perfect lazy Sunday alternative to our usual baggy jean shorts and loose t-shirts.

P.S- Anyone who's boyfriend will wear THAT to compliment her cuteness wins... Hands down Diane, you win.

So when the time comes for that baby shower, garden wedding or even a trip to the Farmer's Market... Throw on one of these cuties and steal everyones hearts.

Hi. It is us again... The girls from Things-We-Heart.... We know this is like our 100th letter to you this month.. But we are just wondering why you haven't gotten back to us yet?

All we want to do is be near you. Is that scary? Oh it is... O.K sorry.
We just love you so much and think you are so talented and we don't want to be all "Stalker-ish" we promise not to park in front of your house over-night anymore eating cupcakes and wearing our vintage 1992 Perry Ellis beenies...

We love you,

We love how this has the retro shape, with a modern neckline...
Yummy Anthropologie... yummy.

What is black and white and black and white and black and white all over?

This super cute Anthro dress with a detachable strap that helps you go from day to night from day to night from....

You get it.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE little teeny flower prints.

This pretty flowery Top-Shop dress is about as easy as it gets to throw on and look sweet as pie.

We would mix it with a messy bun and Ray-bans to keep it from being tooooo sweet.

Take a tip from the girls of yesterday and look deliciously cute today.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


Talin said...

hi! quick question... where is the adorable floral dress from? (the very last dress you guys posted) thanks a bunch! LOVE the site!

Miss Me said...

Woops! Forgot to link to last little floral dress!
It is from Top Shop.

Thanks Talin!

Talin said...

Than you!