Thursday, July 15, 2010

Decor to Die For: Love feeling grey!


So first Miss Me & I were in search for the perfect grey couches and of us lucked out and one of us, well....but I am fine...I will be ok with my pearly pick.
Then I became obsessed with painting my dining room grey but could not get my sweet love to trust me.
Then one of my fav ladies needed to redo her super cute apt and we decided dove grey walls and a charcoal grey couch would be divine for her 1920's meets Parisian Chic aesthetic...

So that can only mean one thing....

1+1+1+1 = Suuuuper hearting and coo coo crazy loving grey (or is it gray?) for anything Decor-y!
If white goes with everything, and black goes with anything then that means that grey goes with anything and everything! (See white + black= grey)

wow...hi super perfectly fun yet relaxing bedroom!!!! yummy pop of yellow and love the b&w rug too!

It can be calm and serene or amazingly chic and rich..lets do this!

I think for the sake of this post (OK, for my sake and sanity) we will categorize this post into well..categories...

Let's start with the easiest way to lurve thy grey...on thy walls.

Oh had us at silver mums! Come on...why do you have to torture's ok...we secretly love it ;)
This gorgeous wallpaper from Wallnut Paper is TDF! Yes please to the 3rd power!

Well, well, well perfect dining nook! How chic and beautiful are you with your stone grey walls and bright white moulding and chairs!

Oh gosh...breathe...breathe... the pale whispery grey on these walls with the pop of bright colors against the crispiness of the white and black furniture accents kills me!!!! (in the super good way!)

bye bye Domino...we super dislike your owners for taking you away....shame on them!

Uggghhh it's perfect and sooo unfussy and totally chicly comfortable....yum.

p.s....don't forget how amazing grey looks in closets!

K, now that I am going to buy some grey paint and take over the living room after those last 2 pics, I think the next best place to go is the next thing Miss Me and I are suuuuper lusting over...grey couches and chairs.
Yummmmmm....we hearty heartville stripes...and grey stripes on a curved wood settee from Wisteria? Yes and Por Favor!
It's soooo sleek and vintage and so, "Oh, we just picked this up at a street market in Paris..." "My upholsterer did it...yeah, it really livens up the space"

Um, I'm sorry...are those RUFFLES!?!?!? Oooops..sorry to yell.
It's just the mix of masculine grey fabric with girlie ruffles really gets us crazy! It's sooooo good! And the vintage shape!!! COME ON..give us a break!
Thank God it's from London so we don't have to worry about worrying how we are going to get it.

Speaking of vintage shapes...
This vintage repro settee from 22 Bond is de-lish! Throw on some JA pillows for pop and you are the chicest lady in all the land...

And for all you modernistas out there...need a modern sofa with out the cold hospital feeling?
We found this great and bright and fun modern couch for you. It's so clean looking with out the sterile feeling. The dove grey will totally lift up any rooms vibe.

Next up on the grey lovers train is a pic of one of the yummiest bathrooms we have ever laid our grey hearting eyes on...

decor pad
OMFG! It's sooooooooooo perfect! Love the pops of turquoise! I'm totally going to copy this one.
It's soooo greyishly, modernly, chicily, monotone-y fantastic!!!!!

One thing that Miss Me and I have learned i our search for the perfectly imperfectly decorated home is that nothing sets the tone and brings together a room better than a rug...

Loving the mix of yellow and grey in this super cute Thomas Paul rug.
The boldness of the pattern married with the chic softness of the grey makes for a very rad and very fun rug. You may not even need furniture with this...just saying.

So this next rug is what happens when you are trying to combine the ideas of your sig. other and yourself...MAGIC! (sometimes)
I mixed me and my bfs ideas on this custom Jonathan Adler Brit rug and cross your pinkies that he will love it as much as me! I loooove mixing pink and grey. It's perfectly hard and soft.

Look at this unbelievably, fantastical, amazing Madeline Weinrib flat weave rug!!!!!
It's the perfect mix of modern and moroccan, crisp and calm and just spectacular!!!!

Ahhh the's a place for relaxation and calm (well, that and making babies!) so it makes perfect sense to have serene, grey furniture there too.

Loving this Industrial Chic, brushed steel Steamer Trunk from Restoration Hardware!
It's soooo Joe Vs The Volcano (oh come on! if you don't know what we are talking about, then you have some very important homework to do!)
This could literally go with almost any aesthetic you have!

You know why they call these fainting couches? Because they are soo glamorously cute you faint when you see them..ok maybe not but this deep grey one from Urban is amazing!

Put this on a blank wall you have in your magic room or living room and you will probably use it just as much as your bed...NO sickos! ..not like that...for cuddling and reading...geez!

Hi there, super yummy upholstered nailhead bed! (that we left the tag on).

Imagine being enveloped in this super cozy and utterly chic bed! We lurve the white crispy sheets against the charcoal velvet!

Not ready to go the distance with it? Afraid of commitment?

Here is one of our most favorite posters/Art ever! We heart and want this suuuuuuper bad...hint hint ;)

Village is an amazingly secret spot we hit up for great prints that no one (not even our shmanciest of friends will have) really knows're welcome and shhhhh!

P.S. Sorry for the repeat offense today (it's a good one at least!) Miss TWH had a looong day yesterday and couldn't quite get her polished paws to finish the one she time!

Don't be cloudy...go grey!

xoxo t.w.h.

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Busted!! It is me Miss Me who has the grey rug!! But I really love the pink and grey J.A rug... Wow, I'm jealous.