Monday, July 19, 2010

Beauty-fuls: We're melting....'Cuz we all need a lil help with the summer makeup melt...

Ahhhhhh we heart thee...let us count the ways...

Wait! There are soooo many ways we utterly heart you...but only one (or 2) reasons we don't...
Our makeup melts right off!

Have no fear ladies o' the hot days..we got your back! Remember the Beach Beauty Bag post? See?!? Told you...we are here to inform and take care of you....

Melt Proof...UVA and B proof (OK not proof but resistant)...Frizz Proof...and part about summer makeup? You barely need any so the real you shows thru!

Sooo without further adieu...we give you our guide to the bestest summer proof makeup...

Hmmmm...where shall we begin? How about the hair? Only because we are selfish and see to have the worst time in the summer and end up with buns everyday...not that buns are bad...cuz they are soooo not!

We just wish our hair could be goddess-y for once to lure in our boys even more ;)

There is no better hair than beachy (but touchable) waves in the melty hot sun.

After using a ton of Salt Sprays that leave our hair crunchy and matte...we found 1 spray wax (sounds scary but it's soo not) that makes your hair "day after" piecey, satin-y, beachy with out being a pain in the you know what.
Sally Hershberger's Spray Wax can be used so many ways to get that gorge beachy look. we finally got the hair thing our fave part...los ojos!
You know we are all about the get nuts! But you need a great and stay put summer shadow to let your look shine.

We super heart all things Stila and their Smudge Pots are redic...They took their #1 color, Kitten, a most gorge golden shimmer and put it into a pot and created summer makeup magic!

Spread a little on your lids, coat your lush lashes with a bit of mascara and Voila...Goddess on the loose!

Speaking of great Summer Proof mascaras...
Raise your hand if you can't stand how hard it is to get off waterproof mascara...yeah no too. But Duwop created a water resistant one just for the melty days of summer.
And best part?

It's a 2fer...1 side lengthens and the other side creates summer proof gorge lashes.

The hardest hit by the hot blazin sun? Your cheeks!

Nothin' melts away faster then your perfectly glowing Estee Lauder to the rescue.
We love their Creme Blush.

It smooths into your skin like airbrushed makeup and dons you with a glow that will make any golden goddess jealous. You can also use it as a great shadow too! Done and Done

OK so we got...
Gorge, sexy heat resistant hair- √
Smoldering golden lids- √
Sweat proof doe eyed lashes- √
Glowing Goddess cheeks- √

What's missing? Oh yeah! The #1 meltiest place for makeup in town...your pout!

We too are sick of our gloss melting off and eating it like it was a popsicle and lip liner stays but it's just sooo heavy!
The answer? Lip stains!!!!

Our fave and the fave of many many ladies of the sticky heat, heart Cover Girls Outlast Lipstain Markers.

The color choices are fantastical and they seem to stay without making your lips feel like they sucked on a salt lick.

And of course the spf! So importante it get's it's own section...But we have yelled enough at you so we know you never forget ;)...
Some of our faves are on this uber cute beach bag post but we have a few tips for you on how to make sure you are super covered under the make up covers.

1. Use a serum type sunscreen. Khiel's Super Fluid SPF 50 is suuper light and sheer and never oily. It loooves makeup or no make up in our case
2. Let sunscreen soak into your skin for about 15 minutes before topping it with any other products
3. SPF 15 is not enough! So ladies who love the whole mineral makeup thing...that is not enough coverage (Bare Essentials has SPF 15 built in)
4. Don't you dare forget your lips! Those beauties are suuper sensitive to sun too! And they deserve a great SPF30 to protect them.

Korres makes a totally TDF Watermelon (yup...watermelon!!!) SPF stick that works anywhere, especially your kissers!
5. Drink loads of water!!!!!

So there you have it! Heat and sweat proof makeup that will make heads turn and you stand a lil straighter 'cuz your not covered're shining thru!

xoxo things we heart

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