Friday, July 16, 2010

Bueno: Laughter!

Laughter is the way to health and happiness....
It's suuuuper important to do it least once a day. There are even laughing yoga classes to get you in shape!

So today...get at least one chuckle, one gafaw, one giggle in...
Here let us help you. You're welcome!

Dear Iphone Tech Support...time to listen in on those phone calls....

Actually don't listen in...we need to laugh. Real or fake? Only we know the answer ;)

Thank you Old Spice for letting Isaiah Mustafa do another amazing commercial!
What a delish way to wake up!

So how every you get a laugh in...get it in! Then tell us all about it so we can join you!

xoxo things we heart

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Good Girls Studio said...

I {monkey butt} you too ;)