Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yummies: Keep Truckin'...We jinxy heart food trucks!

These aint yo mamas food trucks....
And they for sure are not those horrible roach coaches that serve lard filled burrittos.

These are tip top, uber cute, delciously delish, gourmet mobile restaurants.
People all over the major US cities are lining up (some an hour long) just to get a bite of what they are serving up.

We have been following a few for quite a while now...even chasing them down on streets if we were too late. That could be part of the fun...until you take a bite...then the fun turns to bliss.
The trend is bigger than ever now in LaLa and NYC and catching on fast in SFO.

LA has even had quite a few truck fests for a few months now and not only did we get turned away at 1...the other was sold out before we even got a ticket.

Then the gorge beach city of Long Beach had one last week that the lucky Miss Me was able to attend and according to all of the Tweets from the trucks, it was a huge success!

And now faithful readers of TWH...we bring the trucks to you!

(OK, well not to you per say but to your fingers so you can find them easier)

But first...a few of the ones we follow (chase) and devour their goods as soon as they reach our paws.

(LA only...sorry! But later we will show you ones in your cities)

The one that started the coocoo craze for us was the Dosa Truck.

They serve up the illusive Indian Dosa that not only is hard to find...but when you do, sometimes it's not worth the hunt.
Well the Dosa Truck's are soooo worth it!

Grab a Dosa or 2 and don't forget the Masala fries too!
Find them here!

Dear Grilled Cheese Truck...seriously? We are stupid crazy for your amazingly gooey, silly good grilled cheeses!

They serve them up on so many gourmet breads or just white for the purists. Their long lists of yummy cheeses will make any mouth drool! They even serve a vegan G.C.!

Find them and find your way back to childhood...and grab a tomato soup shot while you are there!

We have hunted the famous amos Kogi Truck many a times for our meat eating family and friends and they are never short of delighted for their Korean BBQ meets Mexican feast on wheels.

They were probably the 1st and most famous of all the food trucks in LaLa...so thank you Kogi for starting the frenzy!

We "accidentally" found the Fry Smith truck...and by accident we mean saw it on a street we were driving down...screeched on the brakes...almost crashed into a meter and jumped out to grab a heaping pile of the most amazing Truffle Fries ever created on this gorgeous green Earth!

Find them and try some super yummy Vegan Chili Cheese fries and top off with a ridic Cardamom cookie...perfect well balanced lunch ;)

And for the one we are actually visiting today for a 2 or 10th time...the Buttermilk Truck.

They had us at hello. Serving sickly yummy Choc Chip pancakes at 10pm? Um hello? Dream come true!!!!
And when we stalk them at 2pm we are sure to fill our bellies even more with their divine red velvet cupcakes....perfection!!!!!

Sorry! You must be starving by now...or at least upset if you don't live in LaLa to find these trucks...well have no fear!

LaLa find more of your faves here!
Live in the Bay Area? Need a truck fix? Go here!
Lucky enough to reside in the amazing NYC? Easy Peasy!

The rest of you lovely readers of Things We Heart...Google Find "Gourmet Food Trucks" and your City and we bet yours will pop right up! You're Welcome!

Feeling inspired to start your own? Love to cook...a lot? Find your own Catering Truck here and get a move on!

And last but not least we would like to say...we miss you Hearts Challenger Ice Cream truck.

Remember our post dedicated to them and dessert trucks?

Well we have been looking for them to get yummy treats and it looks as if they are all about NYC right about now...our loss their gain.

So enjoy your summer...go mobile! It's wayyyy more fun then sitting in a restaurant ;)

OH SHIT! P.S. Don't forget to join your fave truck on Twitter so you always know where you can find them!


xoxo things we heart

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Angie said...

I'm doing some shameless self-promotion and hope to let it slip in... I, too, love the food truck, and just did a little review on my own blog about the Long Beach street food fest:

It was fun to eat and eat and eat!