Thursday, July 29, 2010

Decor to Die For: May I approach the bench?

There is no better way to spruce up your open space then with a fantastical bench!

Gotta open wall? Throw a bench across it!
Got a great window or even a not so great window you wanna make a great window? Put a cute bench under it.
What's that you say? You have a boring bedroom and no where to throw your clothes? We gotta perfect solution for you...yup a fun bunch will

The most versatile piece in your humble abode is indeed the are a few of our faves, must haves, drool worthy, yummm inducing benches...

Oh had us at ...well you had us at that settee we've been weeping over (more on that later) but you also had us at this gorgeous dhurrie inspired bench.
This is beggin to be in a boring white room or at your dining table in lieu of chairs...

We love how they are multi using this simply sweet bed bench.
A bed bench is the perfect way to finish a room and finish it fast and on the fly. Use to put on shoes or as another piece of furniture to hold you books and clothing...

Hi tiny yet cute Ikat spindle leg bench from Ballard! You are so easy and great! We can throw you anywhere and everywhere for extra seating or just a great accent piece...
And the best part? Besides your lovely price? You come in soooooo many great fabrics! Wooo hooo!

Well, well, well Restoration...decided to actually do something right? Oh always do! Ok, ok....decided to do another thing sooooo well? Yup...dying over this long, gorgeous, delicate, castered leg industrial chic bench!
This is so long it would be amazing in front of that weirdly long window you have or on that odd blank wall...stack books on it and a tray filled with flowers and voila! See you later decorator! (tear...Top Design come back!!!!)

A bench is an amazing way to kill 2 birds with one stone (hate that saying but it works...right?)
Need a coffee table AND extra seating? Use a wide bench to do the trick.
Find one like this on Ebay or Craigslist...spray the legs with high quality paint and upholster with great fabric and you are done and done!

Uuugghhhh,.....we LOVE a good pair of X-benches at the end of a sexy bed. And these turquoise numbers are perfection in a dreamy neutral room...
For some reason X benches can be a bit pricier than you think but try HSN or Craigslist and see what you find. They are the epitome of chic!

Wow! No words for the hotness that is this room! Yes of course we stole it from a Domino Magazine archive!
I mean the mix of the MW zig zag rug with the vintage Suzani upholstered flea market bench and the red medallion duvet?!?!??!?! PERFECTION! Gonna copy asap!!!!

Weeee! For Weego home! We love love love love love this beautiful 60's inspired bench!
It will perfectly chic up any space you have! A blank wall, window, bed, dining name it. This bench speaks for itself!

Which ever way you use it will work. A bench will save all! No seriously! It us ;)

xoxo things we heart

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