Friday, July 9, 2010

Fashion Friday: Short Stories! We heart cute summer shorts!

This post is officially gonna hurt our wallets so we hope you like it as much as we had fun putting it together.

Although in most of the Northern Hemisphere it is known as "Summer" here in Lala land it is nothing short of January...goose bump central.

The kind of weather that when you shave your legs so you can wear your brand new cutie mcgootie shorts and you go outside and poof! All your leg hair grows back!

But we's summer time!!! Wooo hoooo!!! Time for bikinis (uuuugghhh!), mani pedis, flip flops (yum!) and ...shorts!!!

But these aint yo' mamas khakis, or your sisters ill fitting thigh sticking bad boys...

These are the bew "cool" breed.

See how much we heart you!

Remember how much we lurve lurve the new sweats? Well get a load of these fantastical sweat shorts! At first glance I wanna throw on some mucluc slippers and a boy tee and be done with it.... closer glance I realize the genius that are these Monrow cuffed shorts...
Pair with a cute boy blazer, v neck tee and high heeled booties (like the A. Wang-ish ones below)

and watch out Miss come the TWH readers!

Topshop...hurry up and get here already!!!!! We need a pair of these micro heart print 80's duds!
These are begging to be paired with a slouchy tank or off the shoulder (good) tee and these uber cute SM oxfords and you are sooooo RTG!!!

OK...seriously Urban O? Why do you do this to us? WHY, why, por que??? Ughghghghghghghgh!
Perfection! Bravo! Scalloped edge high waist shorts? FU and can we have? And the styling?
YUM!!! You had us at...well you have us! Now we will have those shorts!!!

Wooooohoooooo! Think board shorts are just for for hot, tanned, toned surfers? Not anymore ;) Thanks to these Gryphon Sequin badboys.
These are dying to be worn to a fantastic party with a blazer and great fucking heels...not these horrible ones they have here. (For shame Shopbop...for shame).

And for the naturalists who just heart a great pair of denim cut offs in the hot days o' summer (and winter if paired with tights). We are crushing on this perfect pair of rolled A&F shorts.
Sooo great! Buy a couple of sizes bigger for a "Oh, yeah my boyfriend is sooo cute...he let me cut up his jeans for my shorts cuz he loves me sooo much" look.

These shorts would love nothing more than a great top and pair of flips...or better yet? A great tee, a bright bra and a pair of great wedges (not the slutty kind!) like these rad oxford-y ones.

So pack up those mom shorts...those boring Gap ones you wear when all of your laundry is dirty and embrace those gorgeous gams that Mother Nature gave you...wear some cute shorts already!

xoxo things we heart

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