Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Random hearts: We heart a rainy day...why? It's sooo much fun inside!

Rain...rain...go away (NO! Don't...we need you!!)
Come again another day (NO! Wait?!?! Stay!!! We looove staying indoors on rainy days)

Fireplace √ (or wall heater...or amazing vintage-esque oil heater)
Cozy Blanket or throw

You got all of the above for these craaazy winter days???
OK, now what???

Baby when it's sooo cold out side. Bundle up and stay inside and snuggle like you have never snuggled before. And when you are done snuggling?
I mean how can you ever really be done snuggling...but when you are are a few ways to get busy (not like just got done with a snugglefest remember?)

1. Learn to cook or bake!
Grab your fave cookbook or go onto All Recipes or Madame Martha's site and have at it!
There are local markets (even some of the big guys) who do home grocery delivery if you run out of ingredients when your cookin' up a storm

2. Organize it...don't criticize it...(Peter Tosh anyone?)

Take a tip from the pros and slap that disarray and mess into submission! Go into your most feared pantry or closet and get to work! (PS donate your tossed clothing or goods to a local shelter Goodwill)
We LOVE for their amazing ideas and labels.

3. Learn to give your self a mani/pedi!

Not only is it uber recessionista chic, but you deserve a lil' pampering!
Here's a great tutorial on how to do the perf self manicure (sounds dirty!)

4. Take a tip from Bastian and read a good book...

Let it take you to a far away land and get lost in it. Bigger brain = sexier girl (or boy)

Need another book but don't feel like going out and braving the elements?
Download one! You don't need a Nook or Kindle...
At Barnes and Noble they sell ebooks for your Iphone, Blackberry or Mac!!!

5. Go thru all of your magazines (Miss Me and I are super guilty for hoarding our faves)...
Get inspired by your magazines that are lying around. Read the articles...they are great...get inspired to redecorate your abode. Play dress up in your newly organized closet and try to put together great ensembles like the ones you see in Vogue!
Go here for super cheap subscriptions and stock up for the next storm.

6. Still hungry? Order takeout... has tons of restaurants in the big cities around the USofA that will deliver to you. Just type in your address and see who pops up! Try something you have never tried before...
Who needs to go outside to have and adventure?

So what ever you decide to do on a glorious rainy day...have creative...and stay cozy ;)

xoxo things we heart


Sina said...

You sweet girls! YOu can't imagine how much snow we have in the black forest area here in's frrrrreezin' cold & the only thing you can do is reading cute blogs & follow your advice! xx

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