Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decor To Die For: Marble bathrooms to DIE for! (SUPER PICTURE HEAVY)

(this is NOT our idea of a gorge marble bathroom...this is the bizarro version)

Obsessed? Crazy? Bonkers? Totally in love with...never ever get sick of...dying to steal a certain someones....have to have a MARBLE BATHROOM!!!!!

Yes most people have just plain ol' bathrooms...carpet
(I did growing up...what gives? Who the F puts carpet in a it's called water people = MOLD)
linoleum, tile, wood, ceramic...but a small LUCKY ASS group of people get the gorgeous white marble splayed out in all it's crispy, gorgeous glory!!!!

Yes...I am SUPER grateful but every so often I find myself day dreaming for my dream marble master day :)

Soo after finding myself doing that one thing....lusting on a perfect day in a hotel bathroom in NYC a few months ago I started on this post to clear my head :) .

Thanks for listening and lusting with US!

Here are a few of our faves for a bit o' inspiration and morning (or evening giddiness)

Love the pedestal tub mixed with modern and vintage lines and marbles!

Um hello crazy cute wallpaper and marble bathroom!!!!!

Oh your fraternal twin is suuuuper cute too!!!! wish i had the balls!!!

Perfection in it's modern form...still warm...totally inviting...yet 100% amazing modern version

Oh nothing...just a super cute mixed marble bathroom...done totally well and super homey. Loving the dark estate drawers mixed in...

Uuuuuugghhhhhhhh...give me!!!! (i will change the sconces but loving the pedestal!!) And those faucets?!?

Hi perfectly modern parisian bathroom!!! Can we have you ASAP!!!??? Gorgeous!!!

Yum...yummm....yummmmmmm! Aqua (one of our most fave colors) mixed with white marble?!? Done and done and done!

This picture may be the reason for this entire post...we have had this one saved for YEARS! Although neither of us are pinky girls, there is something totally chic, clean and amazing about this!!!!

And for the piece de resistance....wait for it...wait for it....OK LOOK!!!!!

NO WORDS...ok maybe these....have to have....need...want....LOVE! Maybe it's the peonies too :)

LOVE the idea of a wee pinch of Cararra marble but need to start small? Get a rad inexpensice piece of bathroom furniture to start you off right!

Enjoy day dreaming!

xoxo things we heart

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