Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashion Friday: Tis the season to be snuggly...we heart cashmere (yes again)

Tis the season to be snuggly...fa la la la laaaaaaa!

Soooo this morning when we woke up we squeeeeeezed our pregnant bellies (and pregnant legs) into an old pair of unbelievably soft, smooshy, cuddle worthy, scrumdidliumtuous cashmere jammie bottoms. And it was BLISSFUL!!!!!

(this looks more like miss me than me...but a girl can dream)

Remember last year how we went on and on (cutefully so of course) about our heartville size LUST for the yummy stuff....well we are at it again! Here are a few of our newest obsessions in CASHMERE!!!!!!

So Miss Me and I were browsing the racks the other day and came across this AMAZING ripped sweater from Elizabeth and James...we both grabbed it...then rubbed our budding bellies and realized... 'tiz silly to spend such moolah when it wont even fit us...

I found this!!!!!!!

THis would be perfection now and xmas gift any one???

What about snuggling in a totally chic way in this drapey yumminess from Vince??? Yes PLEASE!! ASAP!!

Throw on with skinnies or or flats and you are just too cute!

Remember when I said I squeeeezed into some jammie bottoms...well it may just be time for some know it's cold...I'm pregs...comfort is key? No? Not buying it? OK then how about just because??

Love these from Juicy...

But if you really love us and want to get us something we would heart you forever for then we NEED THESE!!!!!!!

Cashmere harem pants?!?!? Are you kidding me??
Dear Santa....

Last year this was at the top of our list and it may be again...

Banana Republic's cashmere wrap is absolute perfection!!!!! Sooooo big soooo soft!!!!!

P.S. Stay tuned for our fab gift guide coming soon!
P.P.S. Until then buy (us) some cashmere!!!!

xoxo things we heart

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