Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Love them, or leave them alone...

Chances are if you are anywhere around my age, give or take a few years you once owned a pair of overalls.  OK, Ok, chances are if you are anywhere around my age you owned a pair of Cross x Color overalls. 

Don't judge, I looked fly. 

You may have been dreaming of being T-Boz from TLC or maybe you were dreaming of being David Silver's date to the prom on 90210... He could really dance you guys! 

Whatever you were doing with your overalls you were looking fresh and feeling really good about yourself. 

Guess what? They are back! Well, maybe for some of us they never left, and maybe for some of YOU they will never come back. 

But for the overall lovers out there, it has never been easier to find a amazing pair then it is right now. Trust me we look every spring & summer! 

Here are some of the cutest girls sporting the overall look with confidence and style. 

Alexa Chung = legs for days

Kate Moss- Our high Queen

Yummy street style 

Sophisticated lady. 

Oh Man Repeller, we heart you so. 


Alexa Chung again, the poster girl for overalls. 

Here are a few of our favorite styles from this Spring. 

Sexy, Sexy little overall mini dress that will look amazing with your (fake) tan legs.  
Thank you Top Shop for all that you do. 

Can't get enough of this lose little romper from ASOS

You need these Elizabeth & James overalls SUPER bad, but you also need to super wait until we get our first. Thanks. 

Whatever you do though, please resist all temptation to wear your overalls like this. 
Some things deserve to be left in the past, like your cringe worthy high school boyfriends and this look. 

XOXO- Things We heart