Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The best of the best...& yes...the worst of the worst...

So we thought "hmmmm let's be edgy...let's write not about the best and not so of the Golden Globes (G2) but of the after parties but after perusing the pics we quickly realized that it would only be a post of the worst because 98% of them were NO BUENO..at all.  

Ssssewwww we are gonna follow the pack (yes, yes we are a day late) and do the G2.  

It truly was a night of fashion fabs...barely any mishaps and when they were it was only because they were boring or not age appropriate..nothing nutso like a Demi Moore biker shorts under a split ball skirt (damn it!...would have been fun to see) 

Because there were sooo many goods we are going to pick our top 4...be them beautiful, bold, brazzen or just perfect.

Lucy Liu...fuck yeah.  Thank god for this gorgeous creature.  From the dress to the hair to the make up and jewels (or lack there of) she is perfection.  
On the hanger this Carolina Herrera dress could have looked like a southern belles dream debutante dress (BTW that is not a good thing) but she took a chance and it was worth it.  So futuristic so modern so bold so perfect. 

Jennifer Garner.  Yes!  Ruby red sequin strapless Vivienne Westwood gown?  You had us at Jessica Rabbit!   
The shape, drape, bodice and color were all perfection on you... such a nice way to make us all forget about your "off duty- mom" look of 90s jeans and white sneakers.  Thank you for reminding us of your crazy beauty and grace

Katniss AKA Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture...divine, glam and somehow effortless even though it was a vintage bodice, red satin, chrome belted, strapless ball gown.  You looked gorgeous.  Bravo

And for our #1...the gal that took our breathes away at the exact same moment...Kate Hudson in Alexander Mcqueen.. 

So chic, so glam, so forward yet so 70's.  Bravo your gorgeous hippie...bravo!  You and your team nailed it...jealousy has started.  Crazy style jealousy...like Single White Female style.  

And now for the bad news...sorry but it has to be done.

Dear cutie patootie Taylor Swift...although we are uber mad about your new song (ssshhhh dont tell anyone!) and cant get it out of our heads your dress choice of a maroon satin Donna Karan is all kinds of wrong.  
#1. Satin?   #2.  Tre´bad shape or shall we say dated shape  #3. You are a cute young thing...sexy doesn't mean A. Sequin and tight (your norm) or B. A dress Miranda would have worn for the engagement party for Aiden and Carrie.  

Ummmm Ms. Longoria?  Too much...yup that's it, just TOO TOO much.  Oh that and its dated and not flattering.  Oh and your hair.. 

Halle, Halle, Halle... you have worn this dress 100 too many times.  Yes we too have heard the old adage "if it ain't broke why fix it?" but it is broken.  That time has passed.  
You are one of the sexiest, smartest, most talented out there...take a chance and change it up!  Call our friends Rob and Mariel...they will help.  

Now not to be forgotten 2 honorable mentions...

To the GORGE Rachel Weiss for your super great dress, hair, makeup and your perfect accessory, Daniel Craig...yummmmm

Nicole Richie...you are always perfection.  Always on par, continually glamorously chic and cute and beautiful.  

 You may have noticed a lack of super models in this post...yes you Miranda and Rosie...but they already have an unfair advantage so we felt it wasn't fair to...well...US!

**All images graciously grabbed from the raddest of the rad Style.com who bought them from Gettyimages.com**

See you soon Things We Heart Luvahs.... next up Medicine Cabinet Redo or Vegan Donuts...really what ever strikes our fancy so who knows :)

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