Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Coco Bunny!!!

Wow...wooow....wowza!  You are 2!  What in the world is going on?  

Ummmm Father Time...could you just hold on a quick second?   Just like a teeny tiny moment so we can catch an extra kiss, snuggle, giggle or tear?    You move so fast it's hard to breathe sometimes for fear we will miss something.   The only solace I have in your rapid pace is the lesson I continually hold on tight to the gorgeous and precious moments we are lucky enough to capture.

Dear Perfectly Perfect...sweetest of sweet, cutest of all that is cute and raddest of rad Coco Reese Lakshmi Kanal,

I can not believe it has been 2 years,  730 days, 17520 hours and 1051200 minutes since you "popped" into our lives and changed them forever and ever and ever and ever (and the lives of everyone you have touched or will touch in the amazing years you are about to live).

It seems like last night that your daddy and I held you and kissed you for the first time.  Like 2 hours ago that we took you on your first tour of your new home all swaddled up while we shook with fear and held you feeling like we won the best lottery in the world.  We fell madly in love with you that day, 2 years ago, and keep falling deeper and deeper and crazier in love with you every day that passes.  You absolutely are the sweetest thing.

I am so proud to be your mommy, your friend, your partner in crime and guide in this journey.  I am so happy you chose US to be your parents.  We are honored, humbled, and ecstatic to call you our bunny baby.  You make us laugh every day with your goofiness and jokes,  cry when we look into your gorgeous eyes that glisten and sparkle and melt when we hold your hand or snuggle you in our arms.

We would play playdoh with you until our hair turns grey, our creases turn to wrinkles and bones ache.  We would pull you in your wagon until the sun stopped shining and read to you until the moon gets too tired to glow.  We would buy every clock, watch and timer in the world if we could stop them all just to play with you longer.  But until then we will be so happy just to be a part of every moment we can with you, be present in your presence and enjoy every second we can while the time ticks on.

You are a light, a joy, a goose, a snuggle bunny, peaceful angel baby.  We love you more that words could ever express and you make us happier than we could ever imagine.  You are our heaven, our purpose, our love.

Happy Birthday Coco Bean!!!  Can't wait to spend the next 100 birthdays with you!  (oh yeah...I said it...100 can not get rid of us even if you try...we are yours forever!)


"you are love.  you come from love.  you are made by love" -  H. Khan


Jenny said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday to little Coco! She is lucky to have you two as parents. You're the best!

rachel said...

mommy hormones got me in a mess of tears reading this! happy birthday little love!!

Kenda said...

Happy birthday, girl! We know you miss the Wizard, but we don't miss him :(. Can't wait for more tunes for Coco to rock out to :).

Anonymous said...

This made me cry!! This was the most beautiful post.

DG'zGIRL said...

This is beyond sweet, and she will have it forever! xoxo