Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New York Fashion Week 2014- Nothin like a lil mom brain (and jealousy - the good kind) to inspire us

Well hello there!  How are you?  Loooooong time no talk..  We missed you just as much as you miss us.  Wanna know how much?  So much we stayed up just to write this for you...(and us)

With 5 babies between us it has been really hard to get to sit and write.  Inspiration is everywhere but at the end of the day a glass of Rosé, a soft pillow and a yummy man seems to call us so loud we can't quite get to write to you.  SORRY!

But the good news is... this NYFW has given us a kick in the ass.  It was SO good this season we had no choice but to tell Rosé to join us and keep us company.   SO cheers!

Ok this dress was the reason for everything...a reason to breathe, write, get married, drink, sing...you name it!  You had us at hello Carolina Herrera

Um, hi Ohne Titel...who are you and how have we never met??  You are chic..like sleek chic.
Are you sportswear? swim? day?  We can't get you but we love everything about you.

This dress is incredible...one day...maybe after more Kayla.

Victoria Beckham... I mean come on?!?  You have the man...THE MAN,  the cutest kids (except for a few we know), the bod, the girls (spice style) and now you have the line that keeps getting better and better.  It was polished and chic like always with a beautiful twist of quirky.  Thank you.  We will need it all sent to our house.

Oh and this sweater belongs on our bodies all day/all night.

And we can never say no to a good slouchy pant.  They are like our day wear, night wear...everything wear and no one this season did a better one then the sparkly girl herself, Gwen Stefani for LAMB.  She and her designer, Paula Bradley knocked it out of the park this season... with their Spring Revival deliciousness.

Oh and to go along with those bright pieces?  They were lucky enough to get their hands on one of the best Makeup Artists in the game,  Mr Gregory Arlt.  His gorgeous bright liner pared with perfectly glowy skin was stunning!

Oh Phillip...you break our hearts (and banks) every time.  Your bright, light and architecturally perfect collection for 3.1 Phillip Lim was a breath of fresh amazing.

This white on white ensemble is so chic.

Hands down one of the most talented designers of our time is Prabal Gurung.  He continues season after season to deliver NEW, unstoppable, innovative and gorgeous clothes.  He knows no trends, only beautiful silhouettes.  

He can do this perfectly beautiful (yet different) dress that we all NEED

then, oops..oh whats that?  you need an AMAZING sweater that you can have forever and ever and everyone will cry and drool as you walk by...Ok, here!

Not enough?  Here you go... look on and gasp at the ethereal beauty...

Until we meet again...soon...we promise
Thanks for having us!