Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Funday: Awards Edition...And the winners are....

Oh hello there! How's it going?  Good?  That's are we. Thanks for asking! Been a wee bit busy over here but thought we would come back and say.....WE F**N MISSED YOU GUYS!!!!!!

We just couldn't stay away. And in honor of our 1st post in a while....we wanna do one of our faves. The Emmy Awards winners. Nope, not the winner winners....the fashion winners. Oh, are soooo welcome.

Sooo with out further adieu... (we are old friends after all so no need to reintroduce ourselves right? or do idle chit chat to get comfy again) The fashion fabs and flubs of the Emmy's.

Good news or bad news first? Totally...agreed.

The Good!  (in no particular order...especially since we forgot how to work blogger)

 Jennifer Carpenter...well done my dear!  Show that boy what he's missing.   Good ombre hair (but it could have been a wee bit more discheveled for that "I just had sex" look)...nice shoes and that delish Tony Ward nudey-silvery , sexpot dress.

 Yummy Kerry YUUMMMYYY!  How fantabulously gorgeously amazing does she look in this red firework sparkly gown?!?!?

So beautiful...we want...we need.   Just the right amount of classic with a dose of modern and a sprinkle of perfection!

Dear Amy Poehler,  you madame are a genius.  Not only are you insanely hilarious, super cute and talented but you are married to one of the funniest men in the universe!   Oh and your Peter Som futuristic dress is divine!  

Lea...D-to the mother f'n - lish!

The Bad!!!

 Olivia,  this is kinda sorta your coming out time call us!  We will totally style you...for free.   We love to see PYT looking good.  And this dress is not good.

Gwyneth?  No bueno...
Yes you are tall and thin...yes you are pretty and blonde...but Gisele you are not.   
This dress would not be good on anyone...especially for the Emmys.   
Please stop drinking your own GOOP.   

No words words...except WTF?  This is the Emmys not a summer garden wedding

xoxo things we heart

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vanessa said...

I'm so glad you're back! I missed missed missed you! And I heart the super cute heart sweatshirts you are wearing. Love Vanessa