Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion Friday: The Rad Brides...

Soooooooo...HI THERE!!!!

Ok now before you burst into tears from crazy excitement about us being back and ready to attack, here is a tiny warning...

We will be posting as much as we can but they may be shorter and super sporatic since the new bunnies in our lives run our daily lives and by the time most people are having dinner....we are snuggling in bed ready to pass out.
But the uber good news is....our posts will never be forced and always from the heart since it they will only be that of which truly inspires our slightly polished fingers to type
***End Warning***

Ok, since no one we know is getting married, but it is spring and dresses are popping up we thought we gotta give a shout out to super rad alternative wedding dresses. The dresses for our readers, for us, for the cool girls...the ones that aren't afraid to be themselves....

And away we go!!!
OH wait! P.S. We may be a wee bit rusty so bare with us!

And the dress that put the inspiration in our brains...

Thank you to our gorgeous friend and stupidly amazing stylist Andrea Lieberman for literally giving us the one dress that inspired us to blog!

We super heart this Hippie meets City chic dress. Yes, we know it was not meant to be a wedding dress persay but it totally can be. Wear soft nude heels or sandals for a beachy hippie vibe or crazy rad booties for a "watch the fuck out Pat Fields" vibe.

Can't afford the A.L.C. version? Asos gives us this lil diddy...

So he owns Urban, Anthro, Free Peeps, We the Free and now the man that brought us our faves brings us BHLDN . A super rad bridal boutique for us cool kids! Thank god! No more fluff and frill!

We heart this black and white ruffled version! And paired with red heels or leopard? Um yes please!!!

Hello stupidly gorgeous water color dress from BCBG!!

Wowo! This has NYC written all over it! Slick hair, amazing makeup and diamond cuffs for days would be gorge with this simple yet sexy dress.

If Carrie was gonna get Married to big on the beach she would totally wear this dress from Halston.

(sorry for the slightly dated example...we still watch SATC everyday on E!)

But whats a dress without A-mazing shoes???? Yup...just a dress-ish..
And for the raddest bridal heels EVER??!!!!

Thank you Mr. TWH for mama's fave heels she got for xmas...and the best thing is... they come in white and nude. So all of your insanely rad badass ladies can rock these Sam Edelman's with your dress!!! YOU ARE TOTALLY WELCOME!!!!!!!!

Be rad! F what everyone says...your wedding is YOUR day!

See you soon!
xoxo things we heart


chalupazminion said...

I totally stole your idea last time you guys did a bridal post! Thanks for inspiring me! I'm so happy for your baby producing and I'm glad to see you ladies back in action!!

Miss Me said...

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful bride you are!
Congratulations and we are sooo happy that you were inspired by the things we heart!
Hope we can share more beautiful and inspiring ideas with all of you!
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

chalupazminion said...

You're sooo sweet! aaahhh!! yay Miss me thinks I'm pretty! I felt sooo lost with out you guys! keep up the creative hot mom forces! I love you guys!!

TheShoeGirl said...

Welcome back :) Congrats on the beebees girls!! Glad you're both healthy and happy.


Bindi Chica said...

Soooo happy you two are back!! My life feels fuller all of a sudden!

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