Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Hearts... We heart you ebay! even after all these years

We have heard it all before... Yeah "eBay was great when it was new and their were not soooo many people after what you are after.... " I loved eBay when things were super cheap and people didn't know how desirable vintage was." "I always get outbid, so I don't even bother going to eBay anymore".... 

Well, listen up people... We still heart eBay very, very much! 
We are still amazed that we can type in some random item and the eBay search engine will bring us endless options of this item to choose from! 

We love that we don't have to spend hours and hours on end searching the racks dusty, stinky thrift-stores to find that perfect 1970's dress. Not that we don't LOVE a good vintage thrift-store shopping day, but we don't always have the time to commit to those fun days. 

We heart that when we saw our friends 3 year old daughter's vintage Fisher Price record player, we didn't have to just envy.... We could copy and buy one for our little guy. (You can call Miss Me a Copy-Cat, I wear that label with pride, if you are cute... I WILL copy)   

So, for todays random heart we bring you some of the amazing and fun things we are hearting right now on eBay! 

Please feel free to purchase these fabulous finds, you know you want to. 

First up... These stupidly amazing 1980's dove grey suede slouch-boots. 

These size 7.5 boots have such a great vintage vibe, but are also very current you would look great in these, black tights a vintage slip-skirt, loose tank and a cardi!!  

Hold the phone! Check out this super cute and fitted vintage 1980's 

If you found this baby at the thrift store, it would be the score of the century... And here it is at your finger-tips! 

Skinny Jeans- Check
Studded Converse- Check
Lace Camisole- Check
Looks like you are ready for a nice early fall bike ride! 

We have told you before about our crush on all things tuxedo inspired, well feast your eyes on this adorable little cropped tux jacket, complete with tails!! 

You will be putting on the Ritz when you wear this stylish jacket. 

You could wear it with jeans and a loose Tee or you could try it with a mini dress. 

However you decide to wear it... Get your bid in now! This penguin suit will not last. 

Can you tell that I got stuck on the vintage sweatshirt section? 
Well, it was worth it... 

Because I found this iconic Don't worry, Be happy sweatshirt! 
Oh you will be sooo Bobby McFerrin with this on! 

No one will be able to hide their smile when they see you headed their way. 

And we hope you smile when you see this fantastic red vintage Gucci purse! 

Such a cheerful color! Love the gold buckle detail, 

Love that it is vintage Gucci (And obviously we can't guarantee that this is real, we never saw it in real life) 
Love that it is vintage Gucci but not splattered with logos. 
So cute and subtle. 

Now is the time... Make this pretty little cherry colored bag all yours by going here! 

Hey there sexy secretary! You are gonna look so cute in this little blue calico dress.

Short, sweet, simple. Throw on some tights and wedges and you are R.T.G. 

You can find just about anything and everything on eBay... And yes the crowds are big and maybe a bunch of people want just what you want... But keep digging, you are bound to turn up something that sets you heart a flutter! 

XOXO- Things We Heart

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